Maximize Your Crypto Tax Returns

 with our secure, Australian-made software!

We are here to support all accountants Australia wide with any clients they may see who have been trading crypto in the past. Complex crypto-calculations made easy.

Data Privacy

Our software operates on a zero-storage policy, meaning your clients’ sensitive information is never stored or shared. They can confidently run their crypto tax reports during your initial consultation without any privacy concerns.

Australian Focus

Built by Australians, for Australians. Our software is tailored to meet the unique needs of the Australian tax system, ensuring compliance and accuracy for your clients’ tax filings.

Extra Report Credits

To celebrate our launch, we’re offering special bonus report credits exclusively to our valued partners. With extra credits, you can generate more crypto tax reports for your clients at no additional cost.


$ 49 /Report
  • Supports SINGLE CSV file upload
  • Produces SINGLE exchange report
  • 2,000 transaction limit
  • Full ATO ready tax report
  • Client bookkeeping management
  • Commercially licensed report
  • Supports Staking, Mining, Airdrops, DeFi
  • Supports Margin & Future Trades


$ 99 /Report
  • Supports MULTIPLE CSV file uploads
  • Produces COMBINED exchange report
  • 10,000 transaction limit
  • Full ATO ready tax report
  • Client bookkeeping management
  • Commercially licensed report
  • Supports, Staking, Mining, Airdrops, DeFi
  • Supports Margin & Future Trades


Deals & Pricing

At Crypto Tax Calculator Australia we believe in affordable and simple pricing.​

The crypto tax calculator application combined with bookkeeping and client management is $249/year.

Our crypto tax reports come in two tiers depending on your individual client’s crypto tax needs.

If a client has a single exchange they have traded on with a single CSV file, limited transactions and no additional trade types, the Bronze report is suited.

If a client has multiple exchanges they have traded on, multiple CSV files and multiple trade types (e.g staking) then they need the Silver tier report.

All reports created within an active accountant plan are able to be resold to your clients.

This is

How It Works

As an accountant, helping your clients with their crypto tax in a simple and accurate manner is important. Our tax calculator provides simple, fast, accurate ATO ready tax reports tailored to your clients needs.

After you have signed up for the calculator, you are ready to add your first client and calculate their crypto tax. The process of adding a client is simple however if you do need assistance, we have a dedicated accountant email and support line.

Finally, produce crypto tax reports for your clients, manage them from a single dashboard and see snapshots of their short and long term capital gains, income etc as well as view printable tax reports. You are ready to facilitate any crypto client you may see!

Ready to revolutionize your crypto tax reporting?