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At Crypto Tax Calculator Australia, we believe plans and pricing should be affordable no matter how much you are trading or the amount of transactions you have completed previously. 

Our crypto tax calculator plans can cost less per year then a subscription to a streaming service.



/ Year

For the beginner or basic trader. If you only have one exchange that you use, you need this plan.



/ Year

For the experienced crypto trader. If you use multiple exchanges for your cryptocurrency you need this plan.



/ Year

For the daily crypto trader. If you use multiple exchanges and mass amounts of trades you need this plan.

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Our crypto tax calculator subscription is per financial year. You can use our crypto tax application to generate as many reports as you wish per financial year, along with previous financial years, as well as using your personalised dashboard to track your cryptocurrency coins, trades and capital gains. However, our application is valid until the 30th of June each year. All subscriptions will end on this date each year. Just as you do your taxation each year at this time, you will need to purchase a new subscription for the following new financial year.