Independent Reserve

How to get your CSV file

Using the exchange Independent Reserve and want to make sure you get the correct CSV file to use on our crypto tax application? Check out this useful guide below.

  1. Login to your Independent Reserve account

  2. Navigate to the Accounts section in the top header and click on this

  3. Click on the heading labelled Transaction History

  4. At the top right is a button which allows you to view individual coin trades (e.g AUD, BTC, XRP etc) you will need to download a CSV file for each coin you traded NOT fiat amounts like AUD

  5. Once you have your coin you traded there is a button to the right which says Download transaction history, click on this

  6. Select your date range

  7. Then select the second option which says Download transaction history as a CSV

  8. This is will download to your device. That is the file you use with our crypto tax calculator application