Australia Crypto ATMs

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Australia has skyrocketed to the top three spots globally in terms of crypto ATMs, surpassing Spain. In this article on cryptocurrency, we’ll be examining what this can mean for crypto traders and their endeavors – so read on to discover more about Australia’s growing prevalence of crypto ATM usage!

Despite the bear market and decline in new Bitcoin ATMs globally, Australia has broken into the top three countries with most crypto-ATMs. On January’s first days, Australia had reached fourth place; subsequently 16 more machines have been installed since then. Consequently, Aussies now take a notable position among other nations who use crypto-machines frequently!

According to Coinatmradar, Australia is now the third nation with the most crypto ATMs in the world; it surpassed Spain with 234 Crypto ATMs compared to Spain’s 222. This massive leap happened within only three weeks. The United States and Canada are still firmly at first and second place respectively.

Australia experienced a massive surge in crypto ATMs, with close to half of the country’s total amount being installed over just three months at the end of 2022. By January 1st, Australia had 16 new machines while Spain actually lost four and El Salvador failed to record any additional installations. It is clear that dynamic trends are evolving within this sector which reveals an exciting future for cryptocurrency users worldwide.

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