Australia Takes Steps to Improve Cryptocurrency Regulation

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Australia’s prudential regulator has reportedly asked banks to show more transparency in their crypto asset reports and provide daily updates. With this Crypto Tax Calculator Australia article, we’ll go into greater detail about the situation so that you can stay informed with the latest news on cryptos! Keep reading for all of your essential information related to digital currencies!

In the wake of Silicon Valley Bank’s demise, APRA has issued a mandate for local banking institutions to disclose all pertinent information related to their crypto transactions. The Australian Financial Review recently divulged that banks are being asked by APRA to report on any involvement they may have with startup and cryptocurrency companies as part of this inquiry.

According to three people knowledgeable with the issue, the regulator has mandated banks to enhance their reporting on crypto assets and deliver daily updates to APRA. This is part of a move by the agency for more insight into banking exposures regarding crytpo currency and its associated risks.

As a result of multiple notorious banking failures, such as UBSGroup’s costly acquisition of Credit Suisse and the collapses of SVB and Silvergate, APRA is taking unprecedented measures to effectively regulate financial institutions in order to protect against future disasters. On March 19th these new regulations were executed with expectations that they will secure our banks from any more breakdowns.

Jonathan Mott, analyst at Barrenjoey, cautioned clients in a statement that while the outlook for Australian banks is still secure, it could easily change and put pressure on bank margins should public confidence be disrupted.

As the Australian Banking Association engaged in a cost-of-living inquiry to measure the impacts of COVID-19 and political unrest on Australians, an analysis revealed an alarming discovery: 186 US banks are at risk if their depositors withdraw all funds. Consequently, it’s vitally important that we ensure our banking systems remain steady during these tumultuous times.

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