Experts Answer; What is the worst nightmare that could happen to crypto?

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The ups and downs of the stock market are well-known to all of us. Many individuals are afraid of volatility, but cryptocurrencies can be far more volatile. But what causes such rapid fluctuations? What factors influence their rate of change? This blog post will look at these questions and try to shed light on why you shouldn’t be concerned about cryptocurrency price

We asked a group of crypto industry experts the following question: “What are your greatest fears and terrors around cryptocurrency?” We invited them to share their thoughts on Twitter.

Alan Chiu of Enya/Boba Network:

“The most frightening scenario for me is the United States adopting China’s crypto policy, which would drive innovation away from the nation. Crypto, on the other hand, will survive; but the United States will miss out on the wave of technological progress coming out of it.”

Amanda Keleher of ConsenSys:

“Amanda is the chief people officer at ConsenSys,” says Brock. “My biggest worry is that the cryptocurrency industry will eventually become like ‘the old Wall Street,’ a high-tech elite sector. The crypto environment is a one-of-a-kind chance to build a more inclusive global financial system that benefits more women and minorities.

Andrew Levine of Koinos Group:

Koinos Group’s CEO is Andrew. “The worst-case scenario for me is that we’re stuck with smart contract platforms that cater to early cryptocurrency adopters but ignore everyone else. Users want an experience that feels seamless; developers want to be able to use the programming languages they are most comfortable with.”

Daniela Barbosa of Hyperledger:

“The biggest danger I see with cryptocurrencies is that a big collapse or persistent volatility might stymie companies’ usage of blockchain technology, which would go unnoticed,” says Daniela Vargas, the executive director of Hyperledger.

Darren Franceschini of BlockBank:

“I’m the co-founder and COO of BlockBank, ” says Darren. “My greatest worry is losing access to my private keys permanently; it would be my worst nightmare. Or, as I’ve heard others go through being held captive for their key.”

Mallory Duncan of BitcoinIRA:

Mallory is the company’s chief legal officer for BitcoinIRA. “The most serious concern regarding crypto would be if it were labeled a currency only used by criminals and drug dealers.”

There is a lot of speculation about the future of cryptocurrency. The truth is, no one knows for sure how it will all turn out. This uncertainty has led to an increase in trading activity among investors who want to get on board while they still can before prices go up even more. For those interested in investing themselves but unsure where to start, here’s a brief overview of what crypto means today and what you need to know going forward into tomorrow’s world of finance.