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Export and download your CSV file

This article explains the process on how you can export and download your cryptocurrency transaction data as a CSV file from your exchange to save somewhere convenient for yourself, using the BTC Markets exchange as an example.

The second step in using our crypto tax calculator is to ensure you have your cryptocurrency data ready to be uploaded to our application. To do this, you need to have the data in a CSV file format which is simple to obtain.


Log into your exchange, find your Trade History and view your most recent trades. If you cannot locate your Trade History page, view our article here to find this. Once you have this information, on the same page you will see a button that says Export to CSV. We have used BTC Markets as an example. 

BTCMarkets CSV Download 2
BTCMarkets CSV Download


Click on Export to CSV and this will automatically download your cryptocurrency trading history to your device. A CSV file is the file type which can be read by programs such as Microsoft Excel and is what is needed to upload to our crypto tax application.

Depending on what kind of device you are using, this will more than likely be saved to your Downloads folder. For this example we will be using a computer with the exchange BTC Markets. 


After you have successfully downloaded your crypto data to your device, the next step is to use our crypto tax calculator application to calculate your crypto tax in Australia!

The application is state of the art, updated regularly and extremely easy to use. Login to your account, open the application and you will find further information and instruction on how to upload your CSV file should you have any trouble. 

If you do not have an account with us as of yet, you can sign up to our crypto tax calculator app here. 

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Not all cryptocurrency exchanges are set up the same way. The above examples are taken from BTC Markets. If you are using a different exchange and are unsure how to download your trade history as a CSV file, please visit our compatible exchanges page, find your exchange and view the simple guide to download your CSV.